A Prettier Laundry Room/Pantry

The laundry room/pantry doesn't have to be all business. Ours started out as a sad, beige, fluorescent lighted, pass-through space with absolutely no personality. I was determined to change that as soon as possible!

A few before photos.

The three things that guided the design are pattern, color and texture. For pattern I picked a peel and stick wallpaper in an abstract chevron stripe. It's whimsical without being too sweet. The orange contributes to the other decisions about color in this room. With orange I chose a complimentary color, deep blue to bring up the drama a bit. It's actually called Deep Space and it's by Behr.

Adding art to this space also made a huge difference. I stayed within the color scheme and made sure to add pieces of different scales. One large piece anchors the room and becomes a focal point, while smaller pieces bring interest.

Hyacinth baskets keep everything organized and add natural warmth and texture to the space while neat rows of Ball Jars highlight pretty dry goods.

This is phase 1 of the laundry room make over. We have plans for a few more changes in the next couple of weeks that will involve sledge hammers! Woohoo! But for now, here's the laundry room looking pretty and less utilitarian. I now love going into this room to grab stuff from the pantry and, of course, to do laundry.