An All-White Interior

As soon as we moved in I called a painting company and had the entire interior of our house painted white. I love an all-white interior. It makes everything look fresh, clean and modern. But what's really wonderful about all white is the way it plays with light and defines space. Without color as a distraction, light and shadow are allowed to take center stage. It's amazing!

The thing I fell in love with about this house is the way the spaces are carved out of one big volume. I knew an all-white interior would make that the focus. When we moved in all the walls where painted different colors. The dark brown wall is especially bad because it's massive. Painted that color it completely overpowers everything. It was even worse in person.

Before photo. Also eliminated was that faux paneling and crown molding!

Before photo. Also eliminated was that faux paneling and crown molding!

But picking a white is no easy task. There are thousands of white options for paint! I wanted a white with no yellow and not too much blue. Too much yellow can look murky and too much blue can feel cold. My initial list included: Chalk White, Simply White, Decorators White, and Diamond White (All Benjamin Moore)

I went with Decorators White. It has just a hint of cool undertones which I prefer without being cold. Everything got a coat in different finishes. Ceilings are flat, walls are eggshell and trim and doors are semi-gloss. I'm thrilled with the results! Everything feels bright and fresh and now I have a great neutral background on which to build the rest of the design. I can't wait to start adding color with art and accessories. A white interior also makes wood furniture look stunning.