The Current State of Our Yard

You may remember in last week's picnic post I mentioned our yard being less than a thing of beauty. It has potential but it's current state is burly and very rough around the edges. There's a part of me that loves this quality about it. I'm hoping to maintain it's naturalness while bringing a bit of polish to the new design.

This is tricky mostly because I've never had a yard and know next to nothing about designing one let alone maintaining one. The first step however, is to get familiar with the problem. I decided to get intimate with what's currently out there and so set out to trim shrubs. 

I know, it sounds so basic, but it's really helping me understand better what may need to change. So no design yet, but after a couple of hours a direction is starting to take shape.

For now, I'm sharing a few photos of us enjoying the day. Hope you had a lovely Sunday.

Current State of Our Yard 3.jpg
Current State of Our Yard 4.jpg
Current State of Our Yard 2.jpg