Our Fall Table

It doesn't quite feel like fall here. The days are still warm and on most evenings we eat outside. It's a lovely change from how abruptly fall arrives in New England, but a part of me wants to celebrate the change in season regardless of what the thermostat says.

This weekend we went to a pumpkin patch and picked out a few pumpkins for our home. I set a pretty table on Sunday and we celebrated the season with crab cakes and pumpkin bisque made from the flesh taken out of the pumpkins we carved. I love setting a pretty table on ordinary days and not saving it just for holidays or special occasions. It reminds us to celebrate everyday life who's special-ness is often gets overlooked.

Our Fall Table7.jpg

A few things I keep in mind when making a center piece for a table. 

-Consider the shape and size of the table. A long table wants a long center piece, as a round table wants a centralized one. This may be obvious, but to update this tried and true rule, I like to exaggerate the proportions and give it drama. Here the centerpiece goes all the way to the edge filling the small round table.

-Pick a main color. I chose white for our table this time, but any color will work. I like to play with different shades and textures of the same color rather than mixing in other colors. This makes for a more modern table. Here I gathered branches from the garden and sprayed them white while still allowing a little bit of the green to show through.

-Mix and match everything! All the plates, glasses, silverware and chairs don't have to match. This adds interest to the table and makes each guest feel like they have a unique setting.

-Use what you already own in unexpected ways. I didn't really do it this time, but I love to use pieces in a way they were not intended. It really helps them to get noticed and an old favorite becomes new again.

-Keep it low! A tall arrangement looks pretty but makes it difficult for people to talk to one another. Never a good thing. I keep everything low and try not to obstruct sight lines.

I hope you had a lovely Sunday and are enjoying every beautiful moment of fall!

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Our Fall Table.jpg