Helen's Room Progress

Figuring out what to do with Helen's room has been a challenge. It's a little over-sized for such a small person with lots of small furniture. The ceiling is high, and the large picture window is lovely but makes the room feel even bigger.

Here's a before photo...

Helen's Room Before.jpg

One way I've already made it more cozy was by wallpapering one wall with a playful, yet sophisticated print. I'm in love with Chasing Paper's Little Village Wallpaper by Lisa Congdon. I've had my eye on it for a long time and finally decided it would be perfect in this room. I posted this video a few weeks back documenting the fun process of putting it up.

For now it's just Helen, but once the baby arrives and is ready to share this space with Helen, I'm hoping it will be a playful but still sophisticated space. Here are some of the details...

Graphic Neutrals with Pop of Color - I started with a neutral backdrop of white, black and grey, but I wanted it to be bold and graphic. The rug and wallpaper are great examples of neutrals that aren't shy. All the wood adds warmth and the green apple print (DIY coming soon!) and blanket add a pop of color and keep things young and graphic. I plan to add a bit more color to this room including more greens and maybe some fuchsia.

Lots of Texture - I always like to keep texture in mind when working with a neutral base. The white wool poof is all about texture as is the elephant hamper.

Repeating Oval/Round Shape - I'm also using round shapes repeatedly to help everything together. The oval crib started it all. The mirror reflects the curves and also bounces light around.

Organization is Key - Finally, there will be all the toys and stuff that are always floating around which will make the room come alive. But when not in use, I'm planning to corral them in hyacinth baskets on the white book shelves. They will continue to echo the warm tones of the wood and keep everything tidy and organized!

I'm excited to share the finished room in a few weeks! I feel like I'm starting to run against the clock with our baby due in just a couple of months! Wow the time is flying by.

UPDATE: See the finished room tour here!