Master Bathroom Progress

You already know that my love for an all-white interior has no bounds. But I also love color and I love using it in unexpected ways. One place I'm including some color is the Master Bathroom/Toilet Room. 

Here's a before photo of each. (Yes, the toilet is in it's own room!)

I decided to go with all-white for the bathroom, but wanted the toilet room to be a total surprise when you opened the door. When I go color I love dark, full color and especially in small rooms. So in that space I'm going with a deep saturated green! 

The inspiration for started with the art. I had a few pieces stored away that I love and knew I wanted to display in the new house. As I looked through them I realized a few feature deep greens. It felt like the right choice for the bathroom. Green is a soothing, calming color and against the white and brass it's a perfect way to modernize the space. There's a big skylight in this room so adding a few plants seems ideal and the green will also tie in perfectly.

Photo art.jpg
Greens 2.jpg

1. Emerald Forest (BEHR) // 2. Irish Moss (BM) // 3.  Clover (BM) // 4. Seaweed (BM)

It's not obvious from this photo, but these greens all look very different from one another in real life. (click the links above for a better view and see photo below) Ultimately I chose #4 Seaweed. I love how saturated it is and that it has a hint of blue in it.

The space isn't quite ready for a full reveal yet. I'm working hard to get it finished because I'm dying to share it! It's such a dramatic change from the original and I'm in love with how it's turning out. Soon, very soon.

Until then, I'd love to know which one of the greens you would choose!...

Color swatches.jpg