Our Breakfast Table

I love to surround myself with beautiful things. That includes every time we sit down to eat. The process of picking the plates and serving pieces that fit the mood of that day bring me so much joy. I know it's probably just me, but the food tastes better when everything at the table is pretty and thoughtful.

Our breakfast table is no exception. The thing is, it doesn't take a lot of effort. The table cloth doesn't need to be ironed (I actually love the wrinkles) and the dishes can be simple.

I thought I'd share our breakfast table from this past weekend. I made scones from a recipe given to me by our local baker when we lived in Boston. It was a farewell gift. His scones are perfection and so when I left I asked if I could have his recipe and he shared it with me! 

Unfortunately I promised him I wouldn't share it with anyone...but I did find this recipe which is similar and also very tasty! The secret is that there is no butter! According to my baker friend, scones made with butter are actually biscuits. Ha!

I hope you had a beautiful weekend.

Our Brakfast Table 7.jpg