Making a Simple Framed Print

Searching for and buying art is one of my favorite things to do. There's such a thrill in discovering an artist who's work instantly speaks to me. Then seeing it hanging in my home brings me such joy. Over the years I have collected quite a few pieces that I know I will treasure forever and will always remind of that moment I saw it in a gallery or online.

I also like to draw, paint and make prints of my own. Ever since I was a little girl, it has been the way I understand the world. I was lucky enough to have been able to hone some of those skills over the years.

I'm a big believer that being creative is something anyone can learn and not just for those with inherent talent. So I thought I'd give you a peak into my process as I create a simple framed print for our powder room. I'll have a full post on Friday of the Powder Room design reveal including before and after photos, but for now here's a little DIY video. If you have any questions on how you can create one yourself, just drop me a line in the comments section below. Enjoy!