Our Powder Room Reveal

I love powder rooms! They are usually small, and therefore perfect for adding a bit of drama and unexpected quirkiness to the house. 

Here's our powder room before...

Powder Room Before.jpg

...and during wallpaper removal!

I wanted this room to feel bright, uncluttered but not shy. I needed to work with the exiting green tile floor so I started with the overall color scheme. Green, Soft Black, Gray and Yellow is what I landed on. They seem like an unlikely combo and I was nervous about how bold they all are. I was careful to use mostly the light gray and the brighter colors acted only as accents. In the end I'm so glad I went with it! 

The wallpaper is really the start of the show here. The patter is bold, but the soft gray color makes for the perfect backdrop to the intense pops of black from the light fixture and yellow from the mirror and print.

I love using unexpected elements in a room. The Lucite shelf that holds the toilet paper rolls is a welcome change from a traditional holder. It also allows for storage of a few extra rolls in an interesting way. But I think what I love the most about this room are the vintage printing press plates hung beside the vanity. They have beautiful detail and can really be appreciated close up. That's why I chose to put them near the vanity. It's a spot that allows you to really see the detail of each one while perform the mundane task of washing your hands.

This room is very small and nearly impossible to photograph in it's entirety. But here are a few photos of the finished space. Enjoy!

Powder Room 4.jpg
Powder Room 9.jpg
Powder Room 8.jpg
Powder Room 5.jpg
Powder Room 6.jpg