Art and Memory

I've mentioned before how much I love filling our home with art. The process of finding it, collecting it and displaying it is one that brings me so much joy. It's more than just about having beautiful things to look at. Art is also a way to remember. 

Some pieces in our home I made, others I bought and a few were given to me as gifts. Each one tells a story and every time I pass it in the hall or spot it hanging in our living room it reminds me of where I was when I made it, or where I found it, and especially those people in my life that know me well enough to give me art.

A couple of weeks ago I posted a few videos on Instagram that many of you said you enjoyed. In them, I told the stories of some of the pieces of art that are currently in our home. I thought I'd share some of those stories here. I hope you enjoy!

I drew this simple sketch as a test run for a drawing I did for a really close friend a very long time ago. It's of the old Sears Building in the Fenway neighborhood of Boston. He had worked there for quite a few years and was leaving his job for a new adventure. I drew it so that he could remember that time in his life. It turns out, this sketch stayed with me and it also reminds me of that time in my life.

This photogram of tea bags hung in a gallery near my apartment in Boston. Each year they would have a 150x150 show. This was a collection of 150 works of art by different artist that were all selling for $150. The genius behind this show was that on a marked day you lined up outside with a Post-it and when the doors opened all the people in line would run to claim the pieces they wanted to buy! I remember being in love with this piece and so excited that I actually got it.

Art and Memory 3.jpg

This handmade paper work was made by a close friend's mother who is an artist. She handmade this paper and laid it over a drain cover that you see everywhere around the city of Boston. This piece is special because I love it's connection to the city, but also because it reminds of the evening of the gallery opening of her show. It was such a fun night surrounded by friends.

Similarly, this photo is special because it reminds me of the city I called home for so many years. It was taken and given to me as a gift by my friend Alyson. The Zakim Bridge has become an recent iconic symbol of the city of Boston.

This pen drawing is one I will treasure forever. I made it as a young architecture student studying abroad in the south of France in 1996! It's in Aix-en-Provence and I remember visiting that city as if it were yesterday. This plaza was one of many I saw but I will always remember the strange trees. It was winter, they were bare of leaves and had these animated branches that almost felt like they could come alive at any moment. 

Art and Memory 6.jpg

This screenprint is deceptive. It is bright and cheerful but a little dark if you really look at it and read it. I love it because it reminds me of a flea market trip I took with my friend Rebecca. I remember her pointing it out to me as something I might like and she was right! The best part is, it cost me $15!!

This Japanese tissue paper block print was given to me a very long time ago by a very old friend. He had made a pilgrimage to Japan and return with this as a gift. It reminds of all the stories he told of his trip. I especially remember one about a fish market. The details are fuzzy, but he had this way of telling really great stories that I will never forget.