The Office Plan

We've started work on the space we are calling The Office. It's a room in the basement that we access from the back yard and it had a ton of potential. At the moment, it's crawling with spiders (there are lots of those around here) and needs a lot of love before it can become the office we are dreaming of. 

The plan of action at the moment is to install new, sexier ceiling tiles, line the ugly floor with carpet tiles and before all of that give it a good scrub down. 

I put together a furniture plan to help me visualize how all the pieces come together. One of my favorite touches is the Circuit Board art I'm planning to make. Pat is an IT Architect and works for home a couple of days a week. I want this space to feel like his so I'm adding little touches I'm hoping will accomplish that. Adding plants to this space will make it warmer and less industrial, while the soft "adult bean bag" chairs are a playful touch.

Office Furniture Plan.jpg
Office Furniture Plan Orange.jpg

One piece I'm struggling to make a decision on is whether to go with the green or the orange carpet tile. This is where you come in! Cast your vote and help me decide.

Which is your favorite?