Hanging My First Gallery Wall

Gallery walls have been the hot thing in design for a few years. Although I love the trend, I never got around to including one in our place in Boston. I knew when I started the design plan for our new home that I wanted to find a place to hang one.

I chose the living room because it provides a great way for making the tv look less overpowering. The color scheme for the living room is mostly black and white so I chose photos and drawings that fit withing that palate.

Here's a little video of Helen and me having a great time hanging our first gallery wall together. It was such a fun afternoon! Enjoy. 

I knew when I set out to do a gallery wall that planning was going to be key to success. I did a drawing with what I thought would be the layout and quickly realized that it didn't quite work. I went back to the drawing board and change things around to make it feel more balanced. The drawing below is what I ended up going with.

I'm in love with how it turned out! I haven't styled this area yet, but the living room is almost finished so look for the full reveal very soon!