DIY Tree Ornament

We got our Christmas Tree this weekend and had so much fun decorating it. We don't have many ornaments. The one's we have were either given to us by close friends or made by me. I like that each tells a story and has a memory associated with it. 

This year I wanted to continue the tradition so I made a few simple ornaments. One of them is this super easy felt and paper tree ornament. It's modern and had the clean lines I love but is also a little whimsical.

There are a ton of DIY's out there for similar things but this is my version below. I hope it inspires you to make your own ornament this year!

diy ornament size guide.jpg

1. Cut felt into squares of descending sizes (see image above)

2. Tear thick paper into squares of descending sizes (see image above)

3. Cut two small pieces of paper and fold over a few times to make a tick square (this is for the top and bottom)

4. Cut a piece of string and thread through a thick needle.

5. Tie a loop at the end of the string (this is the hanger)

6. Thread a thick square through the string to the end.

7. Thread each felt square inserting a paper square at regular intervals starting with the smallest.

 8. Finish with last thick square and tie off string.