Books, Shelves and A Library

I remember always seeing books on my parents' night stands. We didn't have shelves full of books because they were big library goers, but they were always reading something.

When I was old enough to get my own place, I was so excited to start my own book collection. It's many years later and I have managed to collect a lot of books! Our new house is very open and it's the perfect opportunity to make one of the rooms a library.

When we renovated our Boston apartment, the bookshelves became the focal point of our loft-like living room. I researched the brackets for ages and had white oak shelves custom made. When we left I was sad to have to leave those shelves behind because they had become one of my favorite features of our home.

The bookshelves in our Boston condo.

The bookshelves in our Boston condo.

But now I get to do it all again and dedicate an entire room to books! I can't wait till it's finished so I can share it with you. Until then, here's the design strategy...

-Mix shelves and furniture for a composed wall.

-Less shelves means more book density. I love the look of shelves filled just with books.

-White shelves that disappear into the wall will make the books the focal point.

- Have a round library table and a wingback chair to invite lounging and reading.

-Have a bar cart in the space for easy access to a whiskey for sipping on chilly winter nights.

-Have the space also function as a place to paint and draw.

Here are a few of my current favorite bookcases. We went with 'modern white' for our library.

petite white // industrial // midcentury mod // metal and glass // modern white // slim walnut // bold // polished brass