Family Photos (and Outtakes!)

I was so excited to shoot a family photo for our Holiday Cards this year. Living in a new place, I wanted to capture the spirit of our new life here so an outdoor photo in our yard was just the thing!

I met with some resistance when I shared the plan with Pat...which involved having him cart a very large wing chair out to the wooded area of our yard. But, he was totally cooperative and we got a great picture in the end!

I've used Artifact Uprising before and love the options they have for holiday cards. The charcoal gray envelope is so elegant and went perfectly with the color scheme I chose for this year. I ended up going with a super simple design because I wanted to be able to frame the photo after the holidays. I love how they turned out.

Here's a peak...and also some of the funny outtakes from our shoot. 

Happy Holidays!!!

As soon as we brought Kat out for the photo Penny wanted nothing to do with the whole thing. I think everyone was confused. Absolute chaos!

Pat is trying to get Penny to stay still, I'm trying to focus the camera and Helen desperately wants the remote trigger. Ha!

I still can't believe I captured this moment! I was setting up the tripod when an airplane flew by. Helen loves spotting the planes in the sky and points every time one goes by. I love this shared moment between them so much.