DIY Easy Kid's Room Stencil Art

It's a new year and I'm jumping right back into renovation and decorating mode. This is a fun and super easy DIY that doesn't require a lot of special equipment and is a technique that can be translated into any simple, graphic shape. You could do other fruits and a set of these would look great in a kitchen! 

For Helen's room I wanted a graphic, iconic image that was fun, youthful and compliment the graphic nature of the wallpaper.. Inspired by this famous work, I set out to make Helen her very own pear stencil art. Now, the pear has a lot of significance in my side of the family. Pereira (my maiden name) means pear tree in Portuguese. The pear is somewhat of an icon for us and this solidified my resolve to go with it for Helen's room.

Here are the step-by-step instructions that hopefully inspire you to create your own!

You will need: (you can get everything at a local art supply store)


Print Making Paper

Mat Knife

Acrylic Paint

Stencil Brush


Cut a piece of cardstock to the size you want to make your image and that will work with your frame. Mine is 12"x12".

Draw two circles, one small toward the top and a larger one toward the bottom. Be sure to leave adequate margins and remember a bit of extra room for the leaf at the top of the pear.

Connect both circles with curved lines. This takes a bit of trial end error so don't worry if you don't get it on the first try.

Draw a leaf at the top.

It should look something like the image above. I added a gentle curved segment at the bottom to suggest the shape of the pear. Notice there are many lines in this freehand drawing. Don't be afraid to just go for it until it finally feels right.

Using a mat knife cut out the shapes carefully. Your stencil in now ready!

Choose a color or custom mix acrylic paint until you get the color you want. For my pear I wanted to match a yellow/green blanket that Helen has in her room (in image above). I first identified the primary color and then added in just a touch of the secondary color. In this case it's yellow with just a hint of green. It may take a few tried, but eventually it works.

Try a few test prints on scrap paper before you do the final one.

Write here...

Write here...

Cut a piece of printmaking paper the same size as the stencil. 

Layer stencil over the paper and using a stencil brush tap the color on slowly so it doesn't run along the edges. The key is to not use too much paint and to tap out some on a scrap piece of paper to be sure the brush isn't saturated.

In a different color, stencil the leaf and let it all dry for 24 hours.

Name, number and sign your print and your done! Insert into the frame and hang.

(P.S. Click for the details on this amazing wallpaper and watch a video of Helen and me handing it here!)