Helen's Room Tour

I'm thrilled to share Helen's room with you! Since moving to our new home I've been slowly but steadily working to finish this room so Helen could have a cozy, pretty space all her own. You may remember I shared the plan for this space a few weeks back. As the design evolved I changed my mind on a few of the details which is typical of my design process but essentially the plan stayed the same.

My goal for this space was to have it be bright, playful and with lots of pattern and texture.  But I wanted it to still feel like a part of the rest of the house. I've never been a fan of children's rooms that are too childish. I like to think this room will grow with her as she does.

The graphic black and white rug was in her room in Boston and it formed the basis for the rest of the design. I then layered in other colors. Mostly the green/yellow inspired by the blanket and then some red as an accent. We plan to remove the wall-to-wall carpeting at some point very soon and replace it with hardwood, but until then this room is so lovely to be in.

Helen's Room 22.jpg
Helen's Room 11.jpg
Helen's Room 3.jpg

I'm in love with these shelves and they really make the room. At 8 feet tall they help fill in the large amount of wall space and are great for displaying pretty objects.

The white wool pouf is also a favorite. It has amazing texture and is perfect for putting my feet up when I'm just hanging out while Helen plays. 

I had planned for a mirror above the dresser/changing table. I changed to this photo wall because I wanted Helen to have some pictures to interact with when she getting her diaper changed. She likes to take them off the wall and tell me who's in the pictures. It's adorable and also looks less formal than the hanging mirror option.

Helen's Room 1.jpg

The beautiful sketch was a gift from close family friends. It's a Picasso reproduction and adds sophistication to the room. I love the clothes line with Helen's bonnets hanging from it. I imagine when she's a bit older she can choose what she wants to hang and display.

Helen's Room 11.jpg
Helen's Room 15.jpg

I love the combination of the yellow and red. The sheet on Helen's crib was mine from when I was a baby. My mom kept it all these years and now it's such a treasured heirloom.

The mobile, also a gift from close friends, is amazing in the evening light! It hangs in the arched window and fills the large volume of space up above.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. I'd love to know your thoughts so leave a comment bellow and let me know!