Living Room Side Table Styling 4 Ways

I've been working hard to get our living room ready for a big reveal. I'm excited to show the dramatic before and after. But before then, a few area that needed some attention was the side table. I've always found it tricky to style a side table and the one I picked for our living room was no exception. It's on the small side so it didn't need a lot of stuff to make it feel polished. This made it even more challenging.

Here are four ways I styled it and I'd love your help deciding which direction to go. They would all work great with the rest of the room so pick your favorite at the end of the post!

Casual Bohemian

I'm calling this the Casual Bohemian because it features a clay pot, a few issues of The New Yorker and wood coasters. The plaid blanket draped on the sofa also add to the bohemian vibe. I always like to think about what's happening beyond the table when I'm deciding what to put on top of it.

Glass and Green

The Glass and Green arrangement features a potted plant as the anchor and the glass vases are a light counterpoint. Here I included a framed print leaning against the wall behind to give the space more depth.

Clean and Classic

This group centers around a frames photo of our elopement. Since the photo is black and white and very graphic I kept the books simple in tone. I use the bright green aloe plant in the background as a way to add a little bit of color to the scene. The plaid blanket is back for texture and interest.

Colorful Modern

I keep things simple in the Colorful Modern option. The potted plant and bronze bowl are bright colors that work great together. The framed screenprint in the background adds interest. This is the simplest off all, but relies on color to keep it from being boring.

Ok, what's your pick! I'd love your thoughts on why it's your favorite so leave a comment below!

Side Table Styling