Design Corner #1 Updating a Traditional Room

It's my first video for Design Corner and I'm so excited to share it with you! Thanks for your questions and keep them coming for the next one. For now, enjoy the video and read on for a more comprehensive breakdown of how I update a traditional room.

This weeks question is from Monica. She asks,

" How can one best integrate different furniture styles into a home? If it's mostly traditional, how to add modern elements without having it look out of place."

This is a great question and one that speaks to a big trend in design right now. I have a few guidelines I always use to help me keep a room feeling cohesive when introducing elements from different eras and styles.

- Keep scale and proportion consistent. If you have a room of mostly big furniture introduce a piece that is of a similar size and proportion to make them feel like they are part of the same family.

-Reference materials and colors already present in the room. If you have brass accents continue to use brass, etc.

-Always buy pieces you truly love. Something should speak to you no matter what time period it's from. I always love furniture with interesting details

- Repeat shapes that already exist in the room. Rectangular tables will work with other rectangular tables of different styles.

-Break symmetry and go for balance instead. Symmetry is rooted in the past so creating asymmetry will bring the room firmly into the present.

Here are a few illustrations of how these tips are put to work. I hope they can help with your next update!

Traditional Updated 1.jpg
Traditional Updated 2.jpg