Art and Memory #2

I got such great feed back from my post Art and Memory that I decided to do another one! Here's another round of stories about the stuff that hands on the walls of our home. Hope you enjoy!

This is one of a pair of screenprints I did in college! Yup, a long time ago. I still love these pieces because they remind me of being in architecture school. We didn't have a lot of art classes so I cross-registered for a screenprinting class at an affiliated school. I remember being totally intimidated on the first day. I quickly realized, however, that I had a knack for image making. This is my favorite project from that class and the beginning of a life long love affair with printmaking.

You remember my gallery wall from a few weeks back. Each of these pieces has a lovely story behind it. Here are a few.

This black and white photo (I think it's Italy) I found tossed in the very creepy basement of an apartment I rented my last year in college. I remember two of my roommates and I venturing down into the dark, dungeon of a basement and snooping around what our landlord had stashed away down there. He lived in LA, and the few things that were down there looked abandoned. I figured he'd never know if I rescued this beautiful old photograph from it's bleak life. I'm so glad I did because it's still one of my favorite photographs I own.

This photo collage was one of the first actual pieces of art I ever bought. I was walking  in Jamaica Plain, my old neighborhood in Boston and remember seeing this artist's work through the window of a gallery that doesn't exist anymore. I was young and had just started making money from my first real job. I wanted to treat myself to a "real work of art" so I bought this. It has a melancholy feel to it I still love and a mystery about it...

This self-portrait I took while riding in a car to a good friend's wedding. I remember it was when digital cameras had just started becoming mainstream and I wanted to pass the time during the long drive. The white shape on the right side of the image is the invitation to the wedding. I was holding it in my hand and just snapped a few photos. I loved this one because it was very graphic and because I think it captures me the way I see myself.

Some may not consider this art, but these postcards arranged on the wall outside our bedroom feel so special to me. They are a recent addition to what hangs on our wall and they are all about the story behind them. Let me explain. 

A good friend of mine a while back gave me a box filled with these adorable cards. They have different sayings on them and there are LOTS of them. Well, Helen discovered them when we moved here and she loves to carry them with her everywhere and shuffle them. Inevitably she leaves them lying around. About a month ago I discovered one taped up on the wall. I figured it was Patrick (Helen isn't that tall!). I then started to see more of them here and there. We've now started leaving each other a card with the sentiment of the day or week. It's something that started so casually but has become something we both look forward to and cherish.  I hope we keep this tradition going.

I included this last example because it's almost the best example of "art", I think. It has meaning and is alive and that's really all you need.