...and the Winner Is?

It's time to reveal the winner of the surveys you have all been participating in the last few months! I've loved doing them and seeing the results so thank you everyone who voted. The response has been great! I'm taking your advice and implementing each of the winning options! How fun is that? Strangely enough, each of the winners happen to also be my favorite. 

And now, here are the results from all three of the surveys we've done so far.

The Office Carpet Color

Winner: Orange

You may remember the office plan back and in early November where I asked for your input on the carpet color. The winner is Orange! It won by a landslide of almost 3:1. Wow! 

We have already installed the orange carpet as well as all the furniture. The only things missing are the art and plants.

Side Table Styling

Winner: Clean and Classic

When I asked you to choose your favorite styling for our living room side table you again overwhelmingly chose the Clean and Classic option. This one was almost a shut out. The other three options received very few votes. I'd love to know more about why each of you made the choice but if I have to guess I'd say it has something to do with the photograph. A personal framed photo is always a crowd favorite. It was taken by my photographer friend Korri of Photography by KLC. Go check out her work!

Fireplace Surround Update

Winner: White on White

And finally, this week I asked you to help me with updating our Fireplace Surround and you chose White on White! This option was way behind after the first day of voting, but on the second day it made a comeback and won with twice as many votes as the other two options combined! 

Thank you so much for participating. I really love the community we are building here, so thanks!