Designing a Room for the Activities You Love

I'm a big fan of breakfast in bed! (Who isn't?) So when I set out to work out the details of our master bedroom I wanted to be sure that snuggling in bed with coffee, food and a good read would be effortless.

I hadn't realized until I started working on this room, that a big part of my design process starts with how we use that room. I've talked a lot about proportion, scale, texture, color, theme, etc but the one thing I always start with is life. How do we live and how can this room meet those needs? Without this piece, it's just a pretty space without a lot of purpose.

In our bedroom  breakfast in bed and lounging in general is really important to us. Especially for me. I use the bedroom a lot during the day. I like to nap when Helen is napping and when I can get the time on the weekends, I'll take my breakfast in there while Pat and Helen play in the kitchen.

A few ways I made this possible...

I chose night stands (that are actually benches) that are extra large and at the same level as our low platform bed. The extra space allows for a breakfast tray or for my laptop when I'm working on a blog post. I also chose soft, lived-in linens and pillows so that the bed always feels inviting and not too precious. I love a bed that is crisp and very structured, but I realized that it would never work for us. The beautiful knit throw always sits at the foot of the bed and an extra one in a basket below the night stand for when another layer is needed. It takes me about two minutes to make the bed in the morning and I love how I can walk into the room at any point during the day, plop down and I feel instantly comfortable.

Here area  few photos of a recent leisurely breakfast in bed. I hope you have a great weekend...and take some time to indulge in your own breakfast in bed!

Breakfast in bed 9.jpg
Breakfast in bed 3.jpg