Laundry Room Update with Big Impact

I'm excited to share a little laundry room update with you that has had a huge impact on how we use the space.

You may remember our Laundry Room Update back in October. After using the space for a few months I realized that there was something missing. When I did laundry I had no place to put the clean, folded clothes. It's not a big room, so the solution had to be something that doesn't take up too much space, functions well and visually works with the rest of the room.

Here's the before and after...

The solution was to add a 12" wood shelf at the back of the washer and dryer where stacked laundry could go. It also does a great job hiding all the stuff that's behind those machines that you could see from the side.

Laundry room update 3.jpg

I'm in love with how it turned out! The oak picks up on the color of the hyacinth baskets and the turned edge along the side ties it to the shelves above.

If you have two front-load machines you could do this with a much deeper piece of wood. Our washer is a top-load so the narrow slab of wood works well for this condition. I had them pre-cut when I bought them at Home Depot so all I had to do was sand the wood, install a few shelf brackets and attached to the wall. Super easy!

Here are a few photos of the install as well as the finished project. If you have questions on the specifics, leave me a comment and I can help you through the step-by-step.