Planning an Outdoor Entertaining Space

It has felt like spring here in the south and so I'm already dreaming of balmy evenings out on our deck. Last fall, right after we moved, I started the planning process for this space. I love that it's right off the kitchen/dining area and that because of the slope of our site it feels like we are up in a tree house.

Here's what it looked like before...

Deck Before 3.jpg
Deck Before 2.jpg

The first thing we did was have the decking replaced. It was painted a  strange shade of yellow/green and we replaced it with untreated wood. The hope is to whitewash it and have it take on a lovely white/gray color. 

Here it is in progress...

Since the fall we haven't done much with this space, but as spring quickly approaches I'm dying to be able to spend more time outside. I especially look forward to dinners under the setting sun. 

Here's what it looks like now...

Deck Now 4.jpg
Deck now.jpg
gazebo now.jpg

So what am I planning to do...? I have a few options I've been working with but am still undecided on the exact direction. I want the space to feel comfortable and great for lounging but also maintain the clean lines and freshness I've been implementing inside the house. Here are two idea boards for the space. I'd love to know your thoughts. Do you have a favorite and if so why? Let me know.


I love this combination of wood and white with pops of orange. You may remember from this post, that the dining room which is adjacent to this space will also have orange as an accent. Here I contrast the modern dining and coffee tables with warm wood and rattan.


A clean-lined navy sofa anchors this scheme. The rattan is a great counterpoint to the white and keeps it all from feeling cold. The rug adds more warmth and charm to this scheme.

I'm really excited to get started and get this space ready for entertaining come spring! For now we will settle for enjoying the beautiful weather. I hope you have a fun weekend.