Why the Details Matter

A lot of you have been asking to see more of the house, the finished rooms and maybe even do a video tour. It does feel like I've been sharing a lot of snippets of the design and rarely revealing more of the big picture. I want you to know, I hear you! I'm dying to show you more too and I'm working on finishing a few room very soon! Very very soon.

Until then I wanted to talk about details. I'm a little obsessed with them and getting them right. Why do the details matter so much? For me, it's because in them really is the soul of a home. We chose this house because it has beautiful spacial qualities, but as I design each room I can't help rely on the details to make this house our home.

I thought I'd share a few of my favorites and insight into what I was thinking. I hope you enjoy!

I chose these tiny black metal drawer pulls for the Master Bathroom because I love how small and delicate they. The fixtures in this bathroom are brass, so the black is a good way to modernize the brass and provide a counterpoint to the shine. This rug wasn't meant to be in this room, but it picks up on the black of the knobs and ties the entire room together.

This pair of hanging glass vases was a gift from my friend Holly probably more than 12 years ago. I put them in the master bath because the black wire detail works with the pulls and the green, of course is the major color in this room.

This whimsical rabbit towel hook also hangs in the master bath. I had been searching for a black towel hooks to match the pulls, but then realized that I already had the perfect detail. I love the unexpected animal figure in our "adult" bathroom and there's something about a rabbit among all the green that works perfectly. It also makes me smile every time I reach for my towel.

In the library this beautiful handmade wicker chair is one of my favorite pieces in the house. It didn't come with cushions, so instead of doing a traditional cushion I folded a piece of linen and placed it on the seat. It feels less formal and more approachable and the texture of the folded fabric gives it interest.

I've always loved having one or two open books in the house. Now that we have a library this seems like a must. I rotate out the books periodically to keep things fresh, but I love walking by, seeing the book and being reminded to read a few pages of whatever topic that book contains. This one is The 100 things I Learned in Architecture School. I generally pick books that are easy to browse or have photos or diagrams in them. This one, of course brings me right back to architecture school!

I like a "messy made" bed. I'm not sure that's a real thing, so let me explain. Although I can admire a perfectly made bed with structured duvets and pillows, I prefer our bed to be a little disheveled. There's something so inviting and warm about a bed draped with wrinkled linen and thick knits. Also, the pillows on our bed are the one's we sleep on which encourages spontaneous napping!

Oh this little guy. He sits in the bassinet awaiting our baby's arrival. He was a gift from my cousin Monica and her daughter Catia. I love his little outfit and how the pattern plays with the dot pattern of the mesh of the crib. He's also super soft and his tan color picks up on the color of the knit blanket that sits on our bed.

And finally I wanted to share this. It's a Venezuelan mask that hangs above our front door. I bought it in Venezuela soooo many years ago when I went for a friend's wedding. I remember the tiny sign in the shop that explained this mask was to be hung at the front door to keep out evil spirits or bad vibes...or something similar to that. I love the idea that it somehow protects us and I also love how beautiful it is. It's alone on the wall so it also creates a focal point for the eye and encourages it to travel upward. I find that we so rarely look up above our eye level that I love to place details up at an unexpected height.