Deck the Halls

Yay, it's Christmas time! 

We are so excited to celebrate the holidays this year. Helen is beginning to understand the season and we are embracing some new traditions as a family. One of my favorites is getting our tree. My parents visited us this Thanksgiving and the day after we headed out to Boyce Farms to pick out our tree. I love that they have native trees planted on their sprawling property. We picked the perfect one and Pat cut it down himself! As a city girl, this is a new and lovely experience for me.

We also decorated our mantel and made a Dried Orange Garland. It's so easy! You just slice oranges and bake them in a 200 degree oven for 2-3 hours. I let them toast a little and love how they turned a beautiful golden brown. For the finishing touch we popped corn and strung it up around the tree. I'm in love with all of it!

I thought I'd share a little video of the day. Helen loved every minute of decorating the tree and Von was his usual smiling self. I hope you enjoy!

Happy Holidays!

Deck the Halls tree 1.jpg
Deck the Halls mantel 3.jpg
Deck the Halls mantel 4.jpg
Deck the Halls mantel 2.jpg