Art and Memory #3

I'm sharing a few more pieces from my collection today and the story behind each one. I hope you enjoy!

Many years ago when I was working full time as an architect at a firm I took an entire week off and enrolled myself in a drawing class at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. I was so excited to spend an entire week drawing for 8 hours a day with a professional artist as my teacher. The class was wonderful and I'll never forget that feeling of being completely immersed in learning a skill. Of course I had done a lot of drawing before but most of it was in architecture school. This type was with a live, nude model that came in each day and sat for us. Each day was a different model and each day brought different results. The image above is a combination of pencil drawing with gouache. Toward the end of the week I had started to find my style which, funny enough, I discovered was all about crisp, straight lines reminiscent of my architectural drawing work. You can see the evidence of that around the shoulders, neck and face.

Yes, these are police target practice sheets!I love them because they take something out of context and make you see them in a new light. They are also very, very large so they make a big statement in any room. I bought them at the Brimfield Antiques Show for $10 each! I framed them simply between two sheets of plexiglass and fix them to the wall with metal screws and bolts. 

This is a hard one to describe/explain but let me try. It's thread sewn onto paper. Each of the two sections overlap and the pieces you see at the edges are the ends of the loose thread. I made this a few years ago on a whim. Sewing is something I do a lot of and I wanted to try a cross between sewing and art. This is my attempt at that. The idea was to also use architectural techniques. I first drafted the lines onto the paper creating two overlapping  3-dimensional planes.

You really have to see it in person to get the full affect, but I love how it turned out. I hope to do more work of this type in the future. I do remember it took many, many hours to hand sew each line... We'll see if I get around to it again.

This small painting was made by a very good friend of mine and given to me as a gift. It was a time in our lives when we had discovered a deep friendship and I inspired him to paint this. The text is the same phrase repeated in multiple languages. I adore this piece because it reminds me not just of him, but of that time in our lives when we discovered something truly special in each other. I remember we would talk for hours about all sorts of topics and leave each conversation feeling changed. I will treasure this piece forever.

I painted this two years ago after the renovation of our Boston condo was complete. The space had a giant white wall that needed something big in scale so I set out to paint something specifically for that space.

There is a place on Nantucket that is very dear to me and to a group of friends of mine. We used to spend a week there every summer enjoying each other and the beautiful island. This painting I did from memory and it captures that little spot that will always be special to me. I consider this painting unfinished as it doesn't quite capture it as it lives in my memory. I imagine working on this for years to come and always discovering something new in the process. Just like memory it is ever changing and evolving. It is what I love most about it.