8 Small Weekend Projects That Have a Big Impact

Sometimes a little change is all you need to make a big impact in your home. I thought I'd share 8 easy weekend projects that will make you smile come Monday! Have a great weekend.


Table lamps are a big design statement. Trends change quickly and this is one place where you don't have to spend a ton to make a huge difference in your home. I've had our bedroom bedside lamps for over ten years and have loved them. But it was time for an update. I found these at Target and they instantly bring the look of our bedroom into the right now.


Weather it's your bathroom, kitchen or anywhere else in the house that has built-ins, updating the hardware is an easy project that can quickly modernize a dated look. I love the clean lines of these black iron door/drawer pulls we got for our master bathroom. They are extra small so play with scale and bring an element of the unexpected to the space.

reframe art.jpg


Head to your local art supply store, buy a few new frames and update your artwork in a few easy steps. Changing the frame of a photo or a piece of art can completely change the look and feel of the piece. Target also has great framing options so don't forget to check there. Create a gallery wall with different, but coordinated frames for huge impact.


The new LED light bulbs have come a long way. Go through your home and change out all your old bulbs. I prefer LED's that run in the 3000K range. The light is a little bit whiter the higher the number. Anywhere between 2700K and 3000K is a great choice.


Home improvement stores carry them now, so get a few rolls of removable wallpaper and add an accent wall to a room. I love wallpaper in small powder room or walk-in closets. But go crazy, the possibilities are endless. We did a wall in Helen's room and one in the Laundry Room with removable wallpaper. If you plan ahead, there are great online options that ship within a few weeks.


Candles are a great way to change the mood of a space with very little effort. Did you know that in Denmark a very large percentage of the population lights candles almost every night? They embrace the concept of Hygge which is all about getting cozy during long winters. Add a few candles around your home and watch your entire mood transform. 


I am very attached to my books, but once in a while I love going through them and donating those that no longer have meaning for me. It's a hard process to decide to get rid of a book, but I find that making room for curation is well worth it. I love to reorganize the shelves and add a few personal objects to the mix. Beautiful bookshelves can make any room look polished.


I use stationary boxes to keep my make-up tidy and organized. I love how they add a pop of color and pattern and cost nothing. Keeping everything in separate compartments really helps with making mornings easier when you're rushing to get out of the house, or grab your squealing toddler.