Adding a Throw to an Outdoor Space

I've been working non-stop on getting our outdoor space ready for the spring. Living in Boston, we didn't have an outdoor space and February is still way too cold to spend any real time outdoor. But here in the south it already feels like spring. The nights are admittedly still a bit chilly but I didn't want that stopping us from spending as much time outdoors as possible. My solution was to add a throw blanket for curling up with on chilly nights. It makes the entire space so cozy and perfect for the shoulder seasons.

I thought I'd share a few of my favorite throws that would work great in any outdoor space.

For our space I went with a soft Cable Knit throw that was handmade by a family friend. It is super cozy and warm and perfect for right now. For the spring when it warms up I plan to add a thinner, lighter throw similar to the one's I shared above. Which is your favorite?

Outdoor throw3.jpg