Our Library Tour!

I'm so excited to share our Library with you today! This space has become my favorite in our house. We spend our afternoons here reading and painting. Helen loves sitting with me on the big wing chair and the light in the afternoon is just perfect. Here are a few photos. 

I wanted to create a warm, comfortable space where I could display our books and other pretty objects. The centerpiece of the room is the Library Card Catalog I got from Craigslist about 10 years ago from a library in Rhode Island. I remember going to pick it up and having two women librarians help me load it into our truck. Let's just say it was no easy task, but we did it and I love this piece so much.

The bookshelves took a while to pick out. These are clean and don't feel bulky which make them a great counterpoint to the Card Catalog and the other large pieces of furniture in this room. This also makes the books feel like wallpaper rather than the shelves themselves being the center of attention.

library tour 6.jpg
library tour 14.jpg

The round table in the middle of the space was handed down to me by a close friend. I love it's 50's details and how it grounds the entire space. I regularly rotate out the books that sit on top of it and also the object I display are intended to be seasonal. In the summer I hope to display a large vase of flowers on rotation.

I paired the table with two chairs, both very different in their look and feel. I love the contrast between them, but also that the curves play off one another. 

library tour 18.jpg

A very special piece in this space is the map of Buzzard's Bay. This belonged to my father and was given to him by his father. I had it framed and love how it reminds me of New Bedford where I grew up.

The final touch in this space is the Stag's Head Light fixture above the Card Catalog. It was Pat's Christmas gift to me and it's amazing how well he knows what I love. It's a beautiful handmade folded metal sculpture that comes to life when you when you turn it on. I love how it plays on the traditional mounted animal heads often seen in libraries. 

I hop you enjoyed the tour. I'm so in love with how this space turned out and look forward to many more evenings sipping tea and reading here.