Houseplants: Design, Care + 6 Perfect Planters

You guys had a lot of questions after last month's houseplant post. I thought I'd get into detail on how I'm choosing plants for our home, plant care, and share my 6 perfect planters.

So here we go!

Fiddle Leaf Fig

I've always loved Fiddle Leaf Figs and knew I wanted to have one in our home. I found this one at a local garden center which I highly recommend over a home improvement store. The quality of the plants is far superior when you buy from plant professionals and lots of places also will deliver.


I chose this particular one because of it's size and it's split branch. I knew I wanted to place it in the corner of our living room where it will catch lots of morning light and then indirect light for the rest of the day. I often use eye catching elements (like this fig) to draw you in from one room to another. This corner is visible from the kitchen/dining room. This picture above is taken through the opening so you can see how it frames it perfectly.


Light: Indirect Light Water: Let soil dry out completely before watering. Water every 8-10 days, just until it's moist.

Bird's Nest Fern (in white pot)

Ferns are probably my favorite type of plant, but they are notoriously hard to keep alive. The Bird's Nest is among the most resilient so I went for it. This one I bought online and it's been going strong for a couple of months!


I chose this fern because of the interesting texture of it's leaves. All ferns have that beautiful lacy quality I love so much. Here I wanted to contrast the density of the Aloe plants I already owned. The fern is a great counterpoint to succulents in a design.


Light: Low indirect light Water: Keep soil moist but not soaked. Water regularly and try not to let it dry out

Aloe (in white/orange pot)

Aloe plants are not only super easy to care for but are so useful for emergency first aid when you burn yourself. I love to cook and inevitably get little burns once in a while. I just snip off an end and apply the soothing aloe gel to the affected area.


Aloe's modern vibe is great for clean lined interiors. I like to pair them with more delicate plants (like the fern) to create contrast. I often group pots of aloe plants for drama. The repetition is very eye catching.


Light: Indirect light Water: Water aloe deeply but allow soil to dry completely between watering. Water even less in winter.

Pencil Cactus

Oh, the pencil cactus is a thing of beauty! It reminds me of seaweed and is so easy to care for it's a must have. I've wanted one of these for a long time and I love how it adds texture to a space.


I bought this plant specifically for our bedroom. The design is very clean and minimalist and this plant adds a ton of texture and personality to the space. It also contributes to the feeling of being somewhere exotic which is always a plus for a bedroom. It's by the window so it gets direct sunlight and near an air vent so it stays warm.


Light: Direct light. Temp above 65 degrees Water: Water every 2-3 weeks in summer and not at all in winter. Well drained soil is a must.

Snake Plant

This is such a pretty plant. Those leaves are so sculptural and perfect for any style interior. 


I got this snake plant not knowing where it would end up in our home. It currently lives on the library table where it brings a pop of deep green to the space. This room has a lot of stuff in it, so the snake plant works because of it's sculptural simplicity. I'm not sure if it will end up here, but for now it works.


Light: Most types of light will work. Grows faster in more light.Water: Water sparingly and only when soil is dry. Water at the edges of the pot to avoid rot.

And now for my favorite planters...

Happy planting!!