Updating Downlights

So, downlights! Not the most glamorous topic, but one that I have recently become very passionate about. Let me explain.

I'm not a big fan of downlights. They are often overused and in all the wrong places. In certain applications they can be wonderful. For example, to highlight a wall of bookshelves or a spot where a special work of art will go. But as general illumination I don't like them as much as a beautiful light fixture hanging in the room. The worst place to put downlights is when there is a ceiling fan bellow. When both are on the motion of the fan creates a strobe light affect with the lights above it. It drives me a little crazy.

We have, however, inherited 15 of them at our house so we are stuck for now. When I accepted this fact I knew we had to do something to try to improve both the quality of the light and the look of the 90's "cans".

There is another part to this story that I can't leave out. A couple of weeks ago we had an energy efficiency expert come in from our provider to do an assessment of our home. He gave us a ton of tips on things we can do to conserve energy. (more on that another time) One of those things was to replace all our old downlights with LED retrofit inserts. It was a no-brainer. The new LED products have a beautiful white light which I love and the retrofit kits create a seal around the opening of the light to prevent heat loss! 

This past weekend we set out to change out all our old cans for bright, pretty new ones. We went with the Halo LED Baffle Trim in Soft White. I'm so glad we did. The light is sparkly and so much cleaner. We are also saving on energy costs to run the light, they don't put out any heat, they stop heat loss and they look amazing! Win, win, win, win!