Goss House +1

It's a Boy!

We are overjoyed to share the new that our son Von Jaoquim Goss has arrived! He's a big boy weighing in at 9lbs, 22 1/4 inches and a sweet, sweet disposition so far.

All the anticipation of his arrival doesn't compare to holding this sweet boy in my arms. It's a wonderful feeling and we are so happy to have another addition to our little family. As we settle into our new lives as a family of four I'll be taking a bit of time off from posts. But I'll be back!

See you here next week with lots of new Goss House updates and many, many more photos of little Von and Helen too who is enjoying her new role as big sister. There have been many kisses and hugs for the baby and tho occasional eye poking. But she is, so far, totally in love.

Thanks for all you love and support and I'll see you back here soon!

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