Art and Memory #4

It's about time for another round of Art and Memory, don't you think? This collection has some particularly good stories attached to it. So here we go!

I took this photograph a little over a year ago in Venice Beach California. We took a month off from our regular lives and took Helen to spend four glorious weeks in the sunshine! We rented a modernist house near the ocean and spent our days strolling Abbot Kinney Blvd, eating ice cream and of course getting our toes wet in the chilly Pacific Ocean. It was a wonderful month and this picture reminds of that time in our lives when we were a new family of three.

I have had this large scale photo for over 15 years. It was taken by a close friend of mine on a trip he took to Nova Scotia. I've never been there, but when he showed me this image it resonated with me. The little white meeting house sits alone in the green landscape and through the windows you can see out the other side. There is something melancholy about this scene, but also peaceful. The fact that I wasn't there and this was taken through the lens of someone close to me, makes me able to project myself into the image and imagine it any way I want. It currently hangs above the tub in our master bathroom and lends the room a sense of serenity.

This trio is part of the gallery wall I recently hung in our living room. I remember this trip to Montreal so clearly. It was gloriously warm and sunny and these little drawings were being sold by a street vendor. I love how architectural and beautifully detailed they are. The sepia ink gives them a sense of history which feel so appropriate for that great city. They always remind me of that one time I visited Canada and that I should definitely return again sometime soon.

Art and Memory Intro.jpg

This photograph is one of my favorites from my parent's collection. My mom is the girl to the far left and my dad the boy to the far right. I only recently got the whole story about this photo and I it makes me love it even more. As it turns out my parents were not dating yet when this picture was taken. My mom was actually dating the guy sitting next to her. (Let's call him eyebrows)...and she had also previously dated the guy standing up toward the right. My mom was quite the catch and I have only recently discovered had many suitors! This picture is from New Years Eve and the reason they are both in it is because my dad is best friends with my mom's brother! He's the second from the right. Wow! Crazy and wonderful.

This picture reminds me that parents have entire lives that we don't know about and it helps me to see them as more than just my parents. They were young once and this picture captures a side of them I never really new, but always wish to understand.

"She saw only the obstacle," said Djuna. "Most people see only the obstacle and are stopped by it."

This quote is by one of my favorite authors, Anais Nin. It's from her book Cities of the Interior and I remember it resonating with me at the time I made this little piece. It was a challenging time in my life and everything felt like an obstacle standing in front of me as I tried to find my way out. So I took this little black scratchboard and carved out a circle with the quote embedded within. It reminds me to never be stopped by obstacles, difficulties or anything seemingly challenging. Once I'm on the other side of a challenging situation I always realize it has helped me to grow as a person and I'm always better for it.

Another favorite Anais Nin quote: "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are."

I hope you enjoyed this round of Art and Memory. It's always a little scary to put so much of myself out there, but I hope it resonates with some of you. I'd love your thoughts and comments so leave them below!