Planning a Front Porch Makeover

I love our front porch! I remember when we were house hunting and I first stepped onto what is now the front porch of our home, feeling like there was something special and really wonderful about it . I have since come to discover that the reason is that it has great proportions and a wonderful way in which it transitions you from being outside to inside. It also has beautiful early afternoon light that warms the brick and concrete making the perfect spot to enjoy a magazine and a cup of tea.

So when I set out to plan what to do with the space I took into account the activities that I hope to happen there . You may remember from this post, that planning a space for the activities you love always makes deciding what to do an easier and more meaningful endeavor. 

Here's what I'm planning...

-Charcoal and Yellow color scheme to modernize the dated brick and front door

-New light fixture to compliment updated colors

-Furniture that is comfortable but durable. Also it has to be small as the space isn't very big and good for reading.

-Concrete planters are durable and compliment the porous nature of the brick facade.

-Colorful House numbers add a playfulness to the space

Modern Light // Chair // Concrete Planters // Side Table

And here are a few photos of what it looks like now.