An Evening Around the Fire Pit

We have this huge fire/bbq pit in our yard! I fully intend to learn how to use it for cooking but until then we mostly burn yard debris and sometimes gather around for a cozy evening.

What I've learned so far is that cooking over a fire isn't easy, but can make for a very rewarding meal. I'm planning on purchasing this grill grate, which fits a whole hog on it as well as learning how to cook with wood! This doesn't seem as simple as one might think, but why not try, right?

Until all this happens...this past weekend I made a Cuban-Style Pulled Pork in my oven and brought the whole thing outside to enjoy by the fire pit. It was a warm night. We sipped good beer and sat around after the children had gone to sleep.

One of the biggest rewards of leaving city life behind is being able to spend more time outside. Now that it's truly warm here in the south, we eat most of our meals outdoors and savor the quiet and tranquility of nature. As much as I sometimes miss the intensity of the city, there are nights like this that remind me why we came here.