Why I Love Roman Shades

I used to be a simple Roller Shade girl. I still love how clean and modern a roller shade looks and it's still my go to option for window treatments that I want to disappear. But since moving to our home here in the south I've come to appreciate the loveliness and versatility of the Roman Shade. 

Here are a few reasons why:

-Roman Shades are a great way to add some depth to a wall. With newer homes exterior walls, especially at the window, can appear thin. Unlike old brick building, new construction isn't very robust so a roman shade can help plump up an exterior wall. Choose an exterior mount for maximum affect.

-A simple, flat Roman Shade works really well with a decor that is a mix of modern, vintage and traditional elements. Because Roman Shades have a bit of detail, they can be styled to work with a variety of furniture. (This is the one we used in our home)

-The exterior mount option allows you to keep your window fully exposed for maximum light. A roller shade is more elegant when done as an interior mount, but get a Roman Shade and do an exterior mount to not cover any part of the glass in your window. Remember to add a few extra inches to your height when measuring so you get full coverage. The mounting bracket takes up about 4 inches plus about 3 inches for the fabric that gathers at the top of the shade.

-Choose a single shade for a group of windows to create a cleaner look. Instead of individual shades for each window, the Roman Shade can bridge a bank of windows to clean up a busy wall.

-They come in so many colors and fabrics it's hard not to find one you love and that works with your decor. I love white linen, as you know, and it's always my go-to choice for Roman Shades.

We used this Roman Shade in the White Textured fabric from Select Blinds. They make a 120" wide shade which we needed for our Master Bedroom. They are also reasonably priced for a custom shade!