Foraging for Decorative Branches

The trees are just starting to bloom here in the south and everything in nature looks so beautiful right now. I've always loved gathering branches and flowers from outside to decorate our home. Even when we lived in the city, I would snap off a few pretty branches on a walk through a public park. 

Now that I have my own yard filled with branches, trees, shrubs, etc. I'm inspired to continue and expand this practice. I've been observing what grows here and when things flower and bloom. And although I've missed a few opportunities already, I've already made notes for next year on where and when the pretty blooms occur.

This spring however still has a ton of promise. So this past weekend I went out and collected a few branches to adorn the library reading table. I love the results. I wanted something sculptural but with a bit of life. The tiny buds of green add just a hint of color and bring the entire room alive. They also create a lovely connection to the nature outside the big windows in this room.

I hope this inspires you to go out and forage for your own decorative branches and add a bit of nature to your decor. Happy foraging!