Into the Woods

We often just start walking into the woods and see what we find. Lately, the weather has been warm and being outside is all we really want to do. So this past weekend we put our boots on and went looking for treasure. Helen loves and hates these walks. She loves them because there is so much for her to see, touch, and hear. But she hates them because there's always a stick to trip on or a pile of dead leaves to fall into. She's not a big fan of that.

If you follow me on Instagram and watch my instastories you may remember the pretty Marguerite Dress I'm wearing. It's by Doen, a brand I really love. All their pieces are amazing and this particular dress is so beautifully cut and made. It has a vintage vibe and so won't go out of style. I have a feeling it will hang in my closet for many years to come

I have a little project I'm working on for our Outdoor Entertaining Space which involves collecting little sticks and weaving them into a type of hanging nest. I'll share the results with you once it's finished but until then, here are a few photos of our day..

Hope you had a lovely weekend!