Easy Spring Foliage Bouquet

I love having flowers in the house but don't always have the time or budget to go out and buy a fresh bouquet. So lately, I've been clipping tiny, young branches from our yard and fashioning bouquets of my own to have on our mantel.

A few things I try to keep in mind when I'm planning a new arrangement:

-Size and shape of leaves. This can go one of two ways; pick branches with varying sizes and shapes of leaves to keep things interesting or pick just a single type for a more classic feel. With this bouquet I went with a variety of size leaves from small thin ones to big wide ones.

-Be sure to have enough so the bouquet feels full. It usually takes more branches than I think it will to have enough for the bouquet to not seem sparse. 

-Vary the length of the stems so the arrangement is tall but also feels full at the base. With this bouquet I picked long delicate branches for the height and kept the bigger, chunkier leaves short to add thickness to the base.

-Be mindful of the color. There are hundreds of shades of green in nature so pick shades that work together. Here the shade of green is all the same. This is easier to achieve in early spring when all the blooming leaves have a young green color to them. Later in the season they tend to be more varied so a conscious effort to pick shades that work together is more important.

-Pick a vase that works with the arrangement. Here I picked a tall glass vase to accentuate the tall bouquet. A short, wide base would work well with a sprawling, wide bouquet. A few vases I like: 24" Glass Cylinder // Glass and Concrete Willmann Vase // Calligaris Blanco Vase // Ceramic Urban Rectangular Vase

-Add one accent flower and place it off-center for interest. These white blooms are almost gone, but I snagged one of the last remaining ones and added it to the bouquet. I like to keep things monochromatic, but a bright colored flower would also work well here.

I hope this inspires you to look in your own backyard for material to make a pretty spring bouquet!

Spring Foliage Bouquet 3.jpg