Rediscovering Vintage Scarves

I love our closet. It's roomy and has some lovely built-in shelving. It does, however, lack character and feels like just an utilitarian space right now. I recently spent some time in there dreaming up a plan for what this room could be. It's still only a dream and low on the priority list, but as I was looking through boxes I haven't touched in a while, I rediscovered my collection of vintage scarves. I have quite a few that used to belong to my mother, grandmother and one that belonged to my grandfather!

As I looked through the pretty fabrics, I realized that most of them are right on trend! I've been seeing a lot of pretty scarves worn by a few fashion bloggers I follow and thought I'd give it a try in my own wardrobe.

Here are a few ways I plan to tie one on this spring. (and a few photos of our master closet)

The Flight Attendant

This scarf belonged to my mom and I think it's from the 60's. It's a beautiful deep blue with green trim. I love to tie a solid color scarf in this simple way. I tucked in all the green and revealed it only in the back for a surprise pop of color. This scarf is wrapped around twice, but a shorter scarf could go around the neck just once and still work.

The Bohemian

This scarf was also my mom's and then mine when I was little. My mother would tie this around my head to protect it from the sun. Helen has now inherited it and has worn it many times. I'm calling this the Bohemian because it has a relaxed feel and isn't too formal. I simply folded the scarf on itself, left it long and loose in the front and tied it in the back.

The Updated Ascot

I love this scarf because it was one I remember buying for myself sometime in the 90's. The paisley print is somehow relevant again and tied this way it looks fresh. This is a long thin scarf and so I rolled it and tied it around as many times as it took before tying the ends off center in the front. The end is frayed so it gives it a lovely detail.

The Modern Bandana

I love this scarf. I think it was my grandmother's and the color combination is classic vintage. With this scarf I started with it folded in half like a bandana and then doubled it around again for a more modern look. This works great with a scarf that has a border. 

The French Girl

This men's handkerchief belonged to my grandfather. I love how masculine it is, but still timeless. I call this the French Girl because it's the simplest of all the styles. It only works with a handkerchief size scarf. Just neatly fold it to a width you like and tie it around once. Done!