Easy Raised Garden Beds

Last week we started planning our vegetable garden and I am happy to say we have made a lot of progress. Deciding on how to building the raised beds was the biggest challenge but in the end the simplest solution turned out to be the right one.

We only have one bed finished but a second one is in the works! Our land is on a slight slope so we found this video very helpful.

Here are the steps we took to make our beds and a few photos of the process!

- Two cedar planks that were 2"x10" and 14feet long. Our lumberyard cut the boards down into two 11 foot sections and two 3 foot sections.

-Dig out the area for the bed and created a level surface

-One roll of 3'x25' chicken wire, cut down to the size of the bed. Put that down at the bottom of the bed.

-Assemble bed by screwing in corner brackets using galvanized outdoor screws.

-Place bed over chicken wire.

-Fill bed with gardening soil

-Plant your bed!