Baking with My Mom

My parents are visiting this week and I've been enjoying spending time in the kitchen with my Mom. I learned how to cook from growing up watching her effortlessly whip up lunches and dinners almost every day of my childhood. 

So this weekend, we took the afternoon to bake together. Rosquilhas de Azeite are a Portuguese staple. They are one of my favorite snacks, dipped in coffee or tea or just eaten plain. They are savory, which surprises most people who try them for the first time and their crispy, olive oil freshness is hard to imagine unless you've had one.

They are surprisingly easy to make although labor intensive but I wanted to learn so I could make them at home. There are no Portuguese bakeries that I know of in Raleigh and living without these things is really not an option.

My Mom's expert hands breezed through the process, turning out beautiful twist every time. Mine were a little less than perfect, but I think I'm getting the hand of it.

I hope to pass on this tradition to Helen someday. I imagine us side-by-side, as my mom and I were, rolling out dough and talking about life.

Here are a few photos of the process.