A Non-Traditional Breakfast Nook

It has taken me a long to time to figure out what to do with our breakfast nook. Traditionally these spaces have small tables that the family gathers around for breakfast. But when we turned the family room into our dining room, which is adjacent to this space, it became clear that having two tables so close to one another wasn't going to work.

It's been mostly empty since we moved in and it has naturally become Helen's favorite place to be. She loves to have us read to her here. It may be the lovely morning light, or the fact that it's so close to all the action in the kitchen. Either way, I began to imagine this room as more of a lounge. 

I'm starting with the chairs as they will be the most important components in the room. I'm thinking warm, tan leather that will wear beautifully with time. My hope is that this space feels like a cozy coffee shop where we can lounge, catch up on email, and, of course, read to Helen.

Here are some "before" photos and the plan so far!