These Two Children of Ours

The biggest part of our lives these days is, of course, our two little ones. They are both in such fun stages right now. I thought I would share a little about them and what their daily life is like.

OUr children now 2.jpg

HELEN (22 months)

Helen is a combination of spitfire and absolute sweetheart rolled up in one person. She's really big into giving kisses and hugs and has the sweetest expressions. She loves to say "Oh, no!" and "oh, boy!" when something spills, falls or is out of place and she doesn't leave my side for most of the day. She also loves to say "No!" when I ask her to put away her toys after she's done playing and to throw herself on the floor and "cry" when I don't let her have something she really wants.

It's a great age for many reasons and the best in her ability to communicate more clearly. It's so sweet to hear her little voice and I'm amazed every time a new word or phrase emerges seemingly out of nowhere.

She loves to read book. It's her favorite activity by far. At the health club we go to, I drop her off at the kid's space that has every toy imaginable. The caretakers tell me she spends her time sitting, usually alone, with a book. She's very shy when she's in a new situation or environment, but quickly warms up after assessing what's around her.

Right now she also loves playing with her kitchen, pots and pans and food. She also loves to help us in the kitchen. Her absolute favorite thing is to help us make french press coffee in the morning. She weighs out the coffee puts it in the grinder and presses the button to grind with much enthusiasm. She's actually getting quite good at it!

She also loves to eat! Our girl is a food lover and rarely dislikes something. She eats with appetite and gusto. It's amazing to watch and I feel fortunate in this regard. We've started to teach her about eating with a fork and knife and although she doesn't have the motor skills yet to do it, she really wants to try. It's simply adorable.

Helen loves her little brother...most of the time. She loves giving him kisses and petting him while she says "Nice." I think she learned that from doing it to Penny. It's adorable. But suddenly she realizes he's taking up a bit too much of my attention and she wants him to not be around. She can get pretty rough sometimes so I have to watch her every second around him. But I love how their relationship is evolving every day. I really look forward to seeing it change and grow over the coming years.

VON (2.75 months)

Von is an unbelievably good baby. He only cries when he really need something and even then it's a gentle cry which ends the minute I address that need. He loves to smile at us and especially at his sister when she's around him. He has started to make sounds in response to us talking to him. 

His favorite activity is sleeping and for this I am soooo grateful. It may have something to do with the magical bassinet we have, but I think it's also his calm, gentle disposition. He's started to sleep 5-6 hour stretches at night already and when he wakes up he nurses and goes right back to sleep. 

He prefers to be lying down rather than being held, and he adores being outside. He just watches the trees sway and doesn't need much else.

I feel so fortunate to be the mother of these two amazing children. It's a hard job, parenthood, but at the end of the day after they are both soundly asleep and the house is quiet, I can't imagine our lives any other way. I look forward to all the stages still to come. It's such an amazing adventure!