Outdoor Space Update : Sun Shades

With my parents visiting all last week, I took the opportunity to have my mom help me with a few sewing projects. The most amazing one was bringing to life these sun shades I have been imagining for months.

Our outdoor dining table sits outside the covered porch, so I knew we needed something to protect us during lunchtime use. I designed these simple sun shades to provide some relief from the blazing, midday, southern sun.They are made from Sunbrella Fabric (I used color Natural) that attach to the existing structures with grommets and hooks. The design allows them to be easily removed when rain is in the forecast. We just unhook and fold them up!

Of course, my mom whipped it all up in an afternoon and it turned out beautifully! Now our space feels cool and the light is softened as it refracts through the white fabric. We've already enjoyed lunch outside a couple of times and look forward to being able to spend most of the summer out there.

Here are some photos of the process and the finished product! What do you think?...and how adorable is that moment where Helen is so attentive to my mom showing her how to sew?!