6 Things We Like to Do as a Couple at Home

I thought it would be fun to share a little about us and some of the things we enjoy doing together when we are at home. Of course, being with the children and spending time as a family is how most of our time is spent, but there are a few things that we enjoy that are just for us two. Here's our current list!

1. Read in Bed. This is by far the thing we enjoy doing most together. Some would say that reading isn't really a group activity, but I would disagree. There's something very intimate about being next to your partner while reading. There's always an outstretched or a soft touch of hands. It's something we've always done and there is rarely a night that passes that we don't do this...sometimes for a few hours at a time!

2. Debate Politics. We love discussing current events and whatever is going on politically in the world at the moment. We seem to often come at a topic from very different angles and there's something so wonderful about being able to debate your point of view with your partner especially if they differ. At the end of the day we respect each other's opinions and because we don't hold back we often learn something about not only the other person's point, but also our own.

3. Split a Beer. I don't drink very often these days so some evenings when we have a special beer we've been wanting to try in the house, we'll split it. I love the conversation it generates as we talk about what we like or don't like about a particular brew. With so many breweries in North Carolina that we aren't familiar with, we have been sample many from our new home state. (and when we can get them, drinking favorites from back home)

4. Watch Movies. This one is probably common to a lot of couples. For us it's another opportunity to go beyond our own likes. Before we had children we would regularly go to a Saturday morning movie. We alternated picking the movie and since we like very different types we would see things that we normally wouldn't ourselves pick. We've kept up this tradition but now at home and usually on a Friday after the children go to bed.

5. Breakfast. Because Pat works from home as often as 3 days a week, we almost always get to have breakfast as a family. We cook, make coffee and then all eat together. But when Helen is done we let her go play as we linger over coffee just the two of us. We often talk about what we have planned for the day. It's easily or favorite meal and we look forward to it every morning.

6. Brushing Our Teeth Before Bed. Ok, so the brushing is secondary to the talking, but we love that time at the end of the day when we shower and brush our teeth before bed. We often end up talking and sharing how our day was with one another. When we lived in Boston we only had a small bathroom in our condo so this time was supper intimate as we both huddled over the tiny sink. We often joke that we've discovered why couples with big houses that move to the suburbs get divorces...big master bathrooms with separate sinks!