Our Vacation Recap

We are back from three weeks away and as great as it is to travel, there's really nothing like being at home! The children were wonderful travel companions and were pretty good about adapting to new situations quickly.

I thought I'd share a few photos from our trip which included stops in Boston, New Bedford, and Las Vegas. It was wonderful to spend a couple of days in Boston for the first time since moving to the south last fall. We also got to see my family and then Pat's family in Vegas. One of the highlights of the trip was driving out to Seven Magic Mountains. It's an art installation in the desert which we all really loved! I didn't take the big fancy camera along so there are only a few photos taken with my iPhone and most of them are selfies. But here they are.

^^ Crossing the Longfellow Bridge on foot. Oh, Boston, I do miss you sometimes.

^^ In beautiful Beacon Hill photobombing this cute couple.

^^Padanaram Village in Massachusetts is one of my favorite spots near the town I grew up.

^^ Helen and Von basking in the Las Vegas sunshine. And the vegetation is amazing!

Seven Magic Mountains, an art installation in the Nevada desert is beautiful and surreal.

Now that we are back, I'll be posting on our regular Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. I'm really looking forward to the summer and all getting started on all the fun projects we have planned!