Making the Everyday Special

Being away for a few weeks always gives me renewed appreciation for the little things. Every walk, meal, and bath seems more special because it's out of context of our everyday lives. So when I return home from a vacation I always try to harness that feeling for as long as I can. 

One way is to take an everyday, ordinary activity and make it special. On Monday I packed a light lunch and a blanket and we walked to a secluded spot in our yard for a picnic! It was virtually effortless but changed our routine and made it special. We spent an hour just listening to the birds, chasing ants and eating. It was perfect. 

I plan to do this more often and by picking a different spot in the yard every time, I'm thinking it will keep feeling like a tiny adventure in our otherwise ordinary day.

Here are a few photos and a little video!

Weekday Picnic Lunch 5.jpg