Helen's Room Redo (Twin Beds)

We've successfully transitioned Helen from her crib to a twin bed! I was excited to make the change. Of course because it's another opportunity to redecorate but mostly because I wanted to give Helen a brand new experience. She's growing up and this step feels like a big one. It's the transition from being a baby to being a little girl and I wanted to get it right.

The bed itself seems super important, so I wanted something not only beautiful but meaningful. I ended up buying two beautiful vintage twin beds on Craigslist. I was so excited when I found them, and after meeting the lovely woman who sold them to me I love them even more! It's one of the reasons I love craigslist. Each piece of furniture or object inevitably has a story. I always take the time to ask about where it's from and what it's history is.

These Haywood-Wakefield beds belonged to Catherine's great aunt and were passed down to her mother and then to her. She wasn't sure of their date, but was so excited to know that they will be where our two little one's will sleep for the coming years. I'm in love with them! The scale is perfect and the details are just right. I wanted a vintage bed but with a classic feel. These are just the thing!

So, here's my dilemma. I had originally planned to paint the beds. I discovered Annie Sloan Chalk Paint a while back and thought it would be perfect for this use. Painting an old piece of furniture modernizes it and makes it feel less antique and more contemporary. I had been thinking I would go with either Charcoal or Antibes Green but now that I see the bed in the room I'm kind of in love with it's original finish.

Here's where you come in. What do you think? Keep it the original finish, paint it Charcoal, or paint it Antibes Green? I'll be posting a side-by-side comparison on Friday of each option and you'll get to vote! Until then, here are a few photos.